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Plumbing supply salesman John Gott was convicted on multiple counts of murder, extortion, tax evasion and racketeering. At his 1992 trial, Gott was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences and stood revealed as the boss of the Gambino Crime Family. Joe the Plumber is considering a career in congress as Joe the Politician. His experience shoveling crap should come in handy. International Association of Plumbing 

This article, which ran in early November, is still particularly relevant if you missed it the first time around. In winter, customers are going to want to make sure their boilers and water heaters won’t fail them soon. This article provided some maintenance tips to keep in mind for your service calls.

As smaller businesses are selling out to larger outfits and nationwide franchises, many customers are seeking small companies to work with and want to support locally owned and operated companies. They also like the personal touches that smaller plumbing companies — one-man shops like mine or shops with under 10 plumbers 

We appreciate IAPMO for providing procedures to voice concerns regarding its code and its board of directors’ attention to and careful consideration of our concerns. I encourage all of us to get involved and have a voice in the development of these important codes.

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