How it Works

How it Works

3 Easy Steps

Call BDA ( 01229 837774 ) or fill in our quick online form. We will try and arrange a time that is convenient for you and within 24hrs.

Once loading is complete your items are taken away to be refurbished or taken to a recycling facility to be recycled.

If you appreciated our service please feel free to place a comment on the Testimonials page website.

Call now or use our quick form below. Free Collections Service is available in the Furness and South Lakes area. <p<We will collect any appliance from domestic householders free of charge.

There is a charge of £15 for fridges/freezers that are NOT WORKING.

Commercial collections are also collected, (subject to types and quantity there may be a charge)

We re-use as many appliances as possible, which are then passed on to our customers, we then recycle the metal or transport the hazardous waste we cannot process to an authorized treatment facility.